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Copper Fertilization and Electromagnetic Treatment of Nutrition Water

Aqua-Hort implements a controlled electrolytic fertilization of copper, or any other micro nutrient which can be obtained in solid form like zinc or iron, and an electromagnetic water treatment to the nutrition water. Research at the State Research Station Aarslev in Denmark has contributed to the basic ideas behind the construction.

Copper ions produced in this are highly positively charged, with the consequence that they unite easily with negatively charged particle like spores and organic matters. This positive side effect is utilized in controlling spores from fungus, bacteria and algae.
The electromagnetic treatment increase the effect of the metal ions on the pathogens.

It has been known for a long time that a controlled level of cupper ions in the water can contribute considerably to the prevention of fungus attacks. Especially from Pythium and Phytopthora. They can both be very destructive when they attack. These two fungi forms zoospores which are spread in watery environments. Laboratory tests show that the zoospores are killed instantly when exposed to Aqua-Hort treated water. The bacteria of Xanthomonas, Agrobacterium, Ralstonia, Erwinia and Clavibacter are also killed when exposed for 2-4 hours with Aqua-Hort water. When applying the Aqua-hort treatment in an outdoor reservoir of nutrition water the problems of algae are also removed.

A controlled supply of copper ions has in the past been difficult, because copper is easily bound before it comes into action. With Aqua-Hort  a regulated supply of  copper ions is achieved at the moment of watering. The amount released is within "normal" fertilizer standards.

The Aqua-Perl Hort system consists of: a Control Box, an  electromagnetic treatment pipe and 4 set of electrodes for release of copper. Polarity switching ensures that both rods of an electrode is used up. A flow meter is part of the system to automatically adjust for variations in flow. The whole system is built upon a stand of alu. Treatment is normally made during watering. Aqua-Hort is internationally patented.