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The distribution of Aqua-hort units is the following:

  • In Denmark is installed 159 machines in 97 nurseries.
  • In rest Europe is installed 183 machines in 172 nurseries.
  • In North America is installed 52 machines in 33 nurseries.
  • In Asia is installed 40 machines in 33 nurseries.

In Africa is installed 6 machines in 5 nurseries.
Aqua-Hort was started in Denmark where most nurseries are growing pot plants.  As a consequence the first many machines were installed in pot plant nurseries. In recent years has Aqua-hort spread to many other types of crops. Cut flowers and hardy nursery stock are among the frequent users in recent years.

More information about the installations in the different countries and crops may
be obtained from Aqua-Hort.