Throughout the years a number of research projects have been carried out to testify the effect of the Aqua-Hort system. The reports are available on this homepage.
Britta Toppe and Kirsten Thinggaard did the very initial research at the Aarslev Research station to show the effect of copper ions on zoospores.
Lene Petersen, DEG Denmark later GARTA, did the initial tests on the effect on fungus Phytoptora and Pythium zoospores at the Orla Lund Jensen Gerbera Nursery in Mndelstrup, as well as the Chalara testing. She was involved in the cucumbers trials at Nymarken with Lars Kolling and Peter Bjerregaard and Brd. Bredskov with Dan Bredskov.
Prof. W. Wohanka at the Geisenheim University in Germany has made the tests on the effect on the bacterias: Xanthomona, Agrobacterium, Ralstonia, Listeria, Erwinia, and Clavibacter.
Marc Vissers Proofcentrum voor Sierteelt, Belgium did the test on the use for the Hedera plant.
Lisbeth Riis, Scarab-Solutions did the trials on the use for cut roses in Kenya.
Prof. Simmons and Garzon made the testing against E.-coli at the North Carolina State University, USA.
Kai Lnne Nielsen, Knud Jepsen A/S initiated the tests for heating and Aqua-Hort treatment of cuttings.
At present (Oct. 2013) is research going on at: AGROTECH, Denmark with Lene Stolpe Meyer. Topic: Aqua-Hort and secondary effects on pests. At the Laimburg Research Station in Sd Tyrol. Trials on the prevention of flowering damage on wine and fruit, and in a Government Station in Lyon, France are trials underway with different pot plants.