Brochures from Aqua-Hort

Aqua-Hort is delivered in a wide range of products to suit the different needs of the nurseries.
For a "normal" nursery with fertilized nutrition water being pumped to the benches, floors or trays is used the Standard model, in different sizes, shown below. The unit have four pipes with electrodes inside, an electromagnet and a flow meter. A control box delivers the power needed for a certain watering situation.
The controls are fitted with intelligent transformers and microprocessors which allows for a very accurate dosing of the metal.
A separate test set helps to keep track of the free copper arriving at the plant side.

Explanation (Standard Unit)

Explanation (Standard Unit):

1. Electrode 1

4. Electrode 4

7. Flow meter

2. Electrode 2

5. Electromagnet 8. Water in

3. Electrode 3

6. Control Box 9. Water out.

The diagramme shows the Aqua-Hort functioning schematically.